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Apr 16, 2013 1:00am EDT
mexico has a lot of poverty and crime. they are seeing citizens that are very happy to push the problems north. the best people who understand the problem are fleeing. >> this is an immigrant country. based on immigration. that is the beauty of this country. you are exposed to different ethnic groups, languages, culture. that is the enrichment of this country. you do not see that in many of those countries. >> to me, that is the united states. anyone who wants to become american, that is the beauty of the american culture, we all come from somewhere else. even if we are native american, we have to adjust for the larger culture. anyone who wants to become an american can and will be accepted as an american. whether you change your name or not. that is the beauty of it. >> i went to washington, d.c., and could not imagine going back. belgium is a very small country. it is all the same. i cannot imagine going back. i wanted to stay here. >> there are major risks we as americans take by allowing immigrants into the country. one of the biggest concerns we have is the national security. >> we
Apr 20, 2013 10:00am EDT
mexico in may, where he will meet with the newly- elected mexican presidents. this is one hour, 25 minutes. >> welcome, everybody. we will begin. thank you for coming. if i can ask all of your potato chip bags be discreet in the way you eat them and the up with it -- obligatory notice of tournament -- turning off the ringers on your mobile phones, but encouraging u.s. the same time to plead as much as you want under the hashtag we are using today. i am the president of the policy institute. we have an extraordinary -- nel da i am hst twelcomehe new ambassador from mexico to the united states, who has already become a good friend to many here in washington. and just to introduce what we do here. we are a small, independent think-tank. hereve had a project called the 21st century border initiative for three years now. we have been trying to tell a simple story to policy-makers in washington, which is that, because of an increase investment, better strategy, and greater cooperation between the united states and mexico, perhaps unprecedented, that our border is safer on the u.s. side.
Apr 12, 2013 12:00am PDT
. in a 2012 survey a full 40% of the population in venleds, argentina, mexico, bolivia, chile and uruguay do not trust the u.s. government. so what about our years to come with our relation in the years to come? >> latin americans have a healthy distract of the united states for a reason. the united states has a 150 years of military intervention or unfair economic relations with many, many latin american countries. it is -- that is inviewed into the world view of latin america. at the same time that there is an admiration to american prosperity to american democracy. so there is sort of a schizophrenic view towards the united states. it changes depending on american leadership. bredth of u.s. business is chomping at the bit to get to cuba. we don't know when that's going to happen, when that is. everybody knows. everybody poised. they're running to cuba to americanize it as quickly and as aggressively as we possibly can. your thoughts on u.s. relations with cuba in the coming months as we move past eventually the castro era. >> i don't think it's a question of if. i think it's just when. i
Apr 1, 2013 11:35pm PDT
s se mueve en el negocio , y basicamente , toda la cocaína y las drogas de mexico , entran a ciertas ciudades importantes en estados unidos la gran mayoria en la ciudad de chicago se distribuye a la costa este o hacia el oeste según estadisticas entre el 2008 y el 2011 , se quintuplicaron los cartles mexicanos , buscan con este movimiento de personal de confianza a estados unidos es aumentar sus ganancias económicas traen a sus propios mexicanos , que protegen sus negocios en estados unidos además al tener a los agentes , operando , les garantiza , que difícilmente sean delatados si la policía lo intercepta la mayoria del tiempo , coopera con las autoridades el mexicano tiene su familia en mexico y es una garantia cuando la persona lo arresta no van a cooperan según expertos estos agentes mexicanos se camuflan dentro de comunidades de clase media en una casa con su esposa e hijos pero en realidad lo que ocurre es donde guardan la droga , y el producto de la droga . >>> para ayudar a matar las celulas del narcotrafico , se establecio un grupo de 70 agentes federales para ident
Apr 6, 2013 5:00pm EDT
defeated mexico tore from mexico california, new mexico -- these present states -- arizona, wyoming, parts of colorado, utah, and then enormous tracks of land. in the south, having done so much to acquire that territory felt that it had a right to bring its slaves into that territory. slavery is protected under the constitution, and what makes the constitution so remarkable is that it is nothing more than a package of compromises. on almost everything. they disagree. you take any issue, there will be disagreement, and if one side imposes its will, it's not going to last. you have to get both sides to agree. how do you do that? henry clay argued that in the real compromise, there are no losers. everybody, every side has to feel that there is something that they are getting that they need, that they want, and in order to get that something, they have to agree to give the other side something that it wants. let me read you something that henry clay said about compromise. politics is not about ideological purity or moral self-righteousness. it is about governing. if politicians could not compr
Apr 7, 2013 6:00pm EDT
mexico to or from mexico, california, new mexico, arizona, parts of colorado, and the enormous tracts of land. and the south having done so much. felt it had a right to bring the slaves into that. slavery was protected under the constitution. to make it more of a package of compromises. they disagree. to take any issue of disagreement and if one side imposes its will, you have to get both sides to agree. how you do that? so with a compromise there are no losers. every side past to learn that they are getting something that they need or want. that they have to agree for something that once. let me read what henry clay had to say about compromises. politics is not about its ideological purity or moral self righteousness but it is about governing but then they could never govern effectively. all government, and all society is formed upon the principle of mutual confession, a concession politeness. wouldn't that be nice? courtesy. unless there is a compromise. when i broke my biography of henry clay i was calling to call it henry clay cover the great compromiser. in his lifetime also with
Apr 10, 2013 11:00pm PDT
a mexico se convirtieron en su peor pesadilla ... 11:02 " la unica pregunta que le hicieron a mi hija fue que si su tio trabajaba en los estados unidos ella dijo que si luego dijo que no sabia y de alli empezo que donde estaban los papas ya era inmigracio y salieron a pedirnos documentos" 11:21 asi como estas son muchas las historias de familias.. cuyos calendarios estan marcados con una posible fecha de salida del pais.. y una reforma migratoria seria lo unico que podria impedirlo.. esta maÑana tambien se realizo un desayuno en esta maÑana tambien se realizo un desayuno en la iglesia nuestra sra del guadalupe con lideres religiosos quienes pidieron por la aprobacion de una reforma cesar ---precisamente la ciudad de san jose, ha sido una de las mas activas el dia de hoy... blanca ---jaime peluffo ha estado pendiente y nos tiene esa parte de nuestra cobertura... :01 - :07 :18 - :23 :37 - :40 :49 - :52 ::52 - :58 1:10 - 1:18 1:38 take pkg trabajadores de la limpieza del sindicato seiu, jvenes soÑadores, familias y simpatizantes marcharon hoy desde la biblioteca pblica martn luther king a
Apr 5, 2013 3:00pm PDT
civilizations. in colorado and new mexico, native americans built thriving towns. in the rain forests of mesoamerica, the ancient maya created magnificent city-states. here three million people once lived. in the earliest cradle of civilization, ancient mesopotamian farmers once made these deserts bloom. halfway around the world, in california, are clues to understanding the fall of mesopotamia, as farmers here struggle to overcome a threat to this fertile garden land. the ruins of ancient societies may hold keys to our own survival as, out of the past, archaeologists explore one of the greatest of mysteries -- the decline and fall of grand civilizations. mission control: ignition... and liftoff. liftoff... keach: for more than five millennia, humankind has seemed to dominate earth, both creating and destroying grand civilizations. each of these human experiments has changed our planet. this high vantage point brings us a new and sobering view. for the first time, we behold our world as finite, limited. on the darkened face of earth, the lights of cities record the expansion of our ki
Apr 18, 2013 6:00pm PDT
quienes quieren aumentar la seguridad en la frontera con mexico. es06rgang of eight immigration04-18-13-16x9 s/ sen. marco rubio, florida 0:54 - 1:09 "tenemos una oportunidad no solo de arreglar el sistema de inmigracion, de modernizarlo.. parte de neustra sociedad y avancen el futuro de este país" el grupo bipartidista asegura que los indocumentados ayudarn a fortalecer la economa de estados unidos y ahorraran miles de millones de dolares a los contribuyentes. na62rgang of 8 immigration04- 18-13-16x9 1:53 - 1:57 s/ sen. lindsey graham, south carolina "you're going to have to earn the right to be an american. it's fair, it's tough, but it's going to be available" el senador lindsey graham dijo que los indocumentados tendran que ganarse el derecho de convertirse en ciudadanos.. que el camino es justo y dificil, pero estar disponible para quienes hayan llegado al pais antes del 31 de diciebre de 2011. dirigiendose a los detractores de la medida, graham aseguro que quiere evitar una tercera ola de inmigrantes indocumentados. outro ---el congreso comenzar a debatir el proyecto de ref
Apr 10, 2013 6:00pm PDT
=== blanca ---vamos a anuncios publicitarios , pero al regresar... take vo ---en un reportaje desde mexico le mostramos el interes que las marchas por el dia de accion, han despertado en el pais vecino. juanfra live ---ya tenemos a los ultimos semifinalistas en la liga de campeones,, y tal parece que sir alex ferguson dejara ir al chicharito hernandez por un goleador que atriavieza uno de sus mejores momentos... ===roll ticker=== cesar ---ahora llegamos al deportivo con juan francisco ramirez... blanca ---buenas tardes juan francisco... jf ---que tal cesar blanca muy buenas tardes,, amigos del deporte saludos en casa, por fin llegamos al ombligo de la semana,, hoy en un dia donde se conocieron a los ultimos dos semifinalistas de la liga de campeones.. take vo 00:01 00:20 add lib wipe 00:01 00:15 add lib wipe ---esto ya se ha venido rumorando desde tiempo atras,, pero hoy un diario deportivo espaÑol revelo que el manchester united ya inicio las negociaciones,, e inclusive,, ya dio un pago como anticipo por reclutar al delantero colombiano radamel falcao del atletico de madrid... en esta trans
Apr 25, 2013 4:00pm PDT
. this battle is going all the way to the u.s. supreme court. taxes accusing its neighbor to mexico of not -- texas accusing its neighbor new mexico of not sharing enough of the precious water. the autot stop -- gauge. it measures how much water is flowing south. not as much as the state's top water manager would like, but he is adamant new mexico is managing its obligations. >> new mexico has made all of its deliveries for many, many years now. what is the harm that they are able to show in the suit that there has been some harm? we pause at south, elephant butte reservoir. we're in the middle of a man- made desert. a lot of thursday farms and cities depend on it, too, and it is drying up. >> you can see the high water mark is 100 feet over our head. it was last up there in the late 1990's and it has declined ever since. >> if there is a border in this water work, that's dam is it. we are 100 miles inside mexico. that reservoir, that is new mexico. further saw another further south another 80 miles, lost crew says. it should be full of euribor water, but there is none to be said. f
Apr 28, 2013 5:30am PDT
in mexico. pay attention to what is going on in mexico and the people want to help. -- i can gok any back to mexico. >> the annual tribeca film festival is taking place in new york. it was launched back in 2002 to give the city of boost following the nine/11 attacks -- the 9/11 attacks. >> lights, camera, and lots of action. the number of new yorkers who earn a living in the film and television industry has grown by 30% in the last decade. the work is not all glamorous. iss production assistant waiting with the crew car so she can drive the production manager of a reality television show to his next location. >> i love what i do. i wake up and i want to go to work for the first time in my life. >> we have "boardwalk empire" shooting here, a future -- a feature film studio i'm not allowed to disclose. >> he is expanding his hollywood-style film lot, located on one -- on what was once a navy shipyard. .> it is much more can do the work was so scarce for so long. >> film crews are now a common sight on the streets of new york, generating some $7 billion a year in the local economy. here, a p
Apr 16, 2013 3:00pm EDT
've seen most of the demand in equities in three categories. the u.s., japan, mexico. we're seeing clients who are interested in equities that look like bonds. so a high coupon, high-dividend paying stocks. we're seeing clients still interested in bonds, but bonds more like equities, so high yield. i think that's the flavor or that's the characteristics of what we're seeing. but overall, the u.s. is the place where clients are investing. the u.s. marks are up about 11%. emerging markets, maria, are only up about 2%. and this is after a year of underperformance last year. so we're not seeing clients run into equities with high beta or, you know, high volatility. we're seeing clients interested in equity, but they want coupon, they want to have some assurance of some return, and they're looking for equities that have less volatility in the overall market. >> yeah, you said a lot of things there. so i want to follow up on a few of them. first of all, mexico. you know, we have been talking about mexico since davos. i know you've been investing in mexico since before that. i want to ask you wha
Apr 9, 2013 2:00am PDT
a different kind of program, and tv executives are taking note. estaban castro reports from mexico city. >> reporter: even though it is a beautiful and colorful country, mexicans are getting fed up with the violence, no matter where it comes from. >> tv programs are very violent. they offer things that are not good for my children. so instead we prefer going out for a walk or reading a book. >> reporter: more than 32 million children live here in mexico, but it is not always easy for them to find something worth watching on television. parents of their children are concerned about the problem, and so are the tv stations. we're looking for new programs to broadcast. eta great, a producer in mexico, says their policy is to reject programs with violent content. >> we think violence starts at home, and it is going to be very hard to eliminate violence when we have a problem that is not only coming from external sources, but from our own homes. >> reporter: that's what cardena decided to air a "superbook" special on the life of jesus this easter weekend. while the new "superbook" series aire
Apr 7, 2013 11:00pm EDT
with mexico and the water. the colorado river is 1,450 miles long not the longest river in north america by any means nor does it have the most flow, and maybe number seven with size but it drops 8,000 feet from the source and the rockies and used to flow all the way down to the gulf of california reaching the ocean. it doesn't reach there very often anymore. only on rare occasions. there only seven states that depend in the river and to in mexico wyoming which probably has the least amount of water but most of the source tributaries of colorado and nevada, utah nevada, utah, new mexico and arizona and california. the basic water law in the west of prior appropriations is different from repairing water law. where water rights are connected to land and then you have a right to that water if you sell the land use all the water for the cannot sell the water without selling the land attached. but there is not enough water out here to have the law operate that way. so the minors very nearly in western history of the early 1800's coming to california made up their own agreement with each other
Apr 28, 2013 11:00pm PDT
chief of one of mexico's most violent cities is now being featured in a new york play. is one of of football spain's last teams gets run over by the rival. rival.r >> weather remains pretty mobile across much of north asia at the moment. spring showers coming through. a little wintry in northern parts of japan. a cloud of rain coming out of the yellow sea, across the korean peninsula. that will gather and make its way further eastward. we will see very heavy where -- rains into north korea. that wet weather rolling its way across south korea. it is looking good for much of 67 fahrenheit. we will see the wet weather coming through on tuesday. southerly winds picking the temperatures up. it will turn increasingly wet through the day. dry, bright, warm and sunny in northern parts of china. 28 celsius. some sunshine coming through here. not so much sunshine across southern areas of china. southerly winds, very heavy rain pushing all the way up. big down throws -- take down storms coming through here. we get showers diminishing across the mountains. inning increasingly wet china. >
Apr 17, 2013 6:00pm PDT
incidente al azar sino mas bien, iba dirigido contra alguien. blanca ---las selecciones de mexico y peru estaran disputando un partido amistoso en san francisco. roll open under take 2 box cesar ---nos enlazamos en directo hasta el parque candlestick donde se encuentra nuestro companero juan francisco ramirez... adelante juanfra... take juanfra live juanfra live juanfra live ===roll ticker=== cesar ---tiempo de la primera pausa en noticiero telemundo 48, pero mas adelante... take vo cesar ---un nuevo reporte documenta la realidad del abuso sexual que muchas mujeres campesinas viven a diario... take vo blanca ---en california aumenta el numero de proyectos que pretenden mayor control de armas... take sot --- javier castro ===roll ticker=== esta viva de milagro luego que la casa donde residian se incendiara el martes por la maÑana... take map ---el fuego inicio en una camioneta y luego se extendio por el garage y el resto de la casa que sufrio severos daÑos... take vo ---nueve personas entre ellas siete menores de entre 6 a 13 aÑos fueron desplazados por el fuego... ---el fuego se repor
Apr 29, 2013 7:00am EDT
that a narrative that is free from argument. and in the case of my book which covers the u.s.-mexico war, war that grant himself described as the most wicked ever fought, i really set out in this book wanting to make the argument that grant was right. this was a wicked war. crazy enough, this is an argument that historians have not made in at least not with much success. most people have written about the u.s.-mexico war and have a debt from military standpoint, and from a military standpoint it definitely was a success the united states. the u.s. won every single encounter in the u.s.-mexico war with the exception of the battle of san pascal, which most americans used to think of as a skirmishes of the battle. so they can still say, well, we won every battle in the war. so at a successful but it was a problematic war. think one of the american arguments that i was release setting got to address here, and that's been denied to address in the book is what makes a were just? what justifies a war? and it was a debate that people had the time, and by taking the title of wicket war, which is a tit
Apr 8, 2013 9:00pm EDT
president and almost immediately puts us in a position to have a war with mexico. he pushes for the war. he is prepared to declare war on ,exico, and sends troops including zachary taylor, who will be the next president, he to thechary taylor mexican border in an area that is completely disputed at all international asset belongs to mexico. polk says it is american land. taylor's troops are there, he goes to his counted and they vote on a saturday afternoon to ask for a declaration of war against mexico. a message, he gets because it takes a long time to get information from mexico to washington. that night he gets a message that taylor's troops have been in combat. he rewrites his message to congress, saying, american troops have been killed on american soil. abraham lincoln would later give a speech in which he would say, show us the spot where it took place. it was not on american soil. he gets us into war in mexico. it also means the complete blowup of all the compromises and cushions the country headlong into what would ultimately be secession and civil war. but we don't know anything
Apr 9, 2013 6:00am PDT
to strengthen ties with mexico through his country's participation in the tpp. japan business federation chairman made the remark when he met the mexican president enrique pena nieto in tokyo. >> translator: mexico is a very important production setter and consumer market for japanese companies. we, japanese businesses, hope to further strengthen the economic relations between japan and mexico through the tpp. >> he noted that mexico has concluded free trade agreements with more than 40 countries and regions and has access to their markets with 1 billion consumers. the mexican president called on japanese businesses to increase investment in his country and strengthen the bilateral strategic partnership. >>> the asian development bank predicts that economic growth in the asia pacific region will pick up in 2013. but the bank also points to some factors that it says could threaten the region's economic stability. the edb forecasts that the economy in asia pacific will expand 6.6% this year. that's up 0.5 percentage point from last year, and the first increase in the pace of growth in thre
Apr 9, 2013 5:30pm PDT
business leader has hoped to strengthen ties with mexico through his country's participation in the tpp he made the remark when he met mexican president in tokyo. >> translator: mexico is a very important production center and consumer market for japanese companies. we, japanese businesses, hope to further strengthen the economic business of japan and mexico through the tpp. >> mexico has concluded free trade agreements with more than 40 countries and regions and has access to their markets with more than 1 billion consumers. he called on businesses to strengthen business and the business partnership. now let's take a look at the market figures. >>> life is tough for gentleman m japan's stressed out salary men. but maybe things could get a bit easier with some basic ninja skills, or at least that's the thinking of an unlikely internet phenomenon. >> the economy seems to be on the upturn, but for the white collar workers there's no letup. one salary man is drawing on his inner ninja. he's still an ordinary businessman, but with his ninja headgear on, he's become a super hero on facebook. >>
Apr 29, 2013 11:00pm PDT
utilizan google y facebook , por que vigilaran celosamente , mexico podría ser el embudo de la muerte para miles de latinoaméricanos víajamos a mexico para conocer el tren de la esperanza que víajen serán sancionados entérese cuando entra en efecto antes echemosle un vistazo las 11:11 minutos , 58 grados en petaluma 68 grados con que calor y 72 grados en san josé nos vemos con más información . >>> no más malos comporamientos los funcionarios afirman que esa ley , amenazas y malos tratos la policía , tiene poderes para sancionar , cuéntanos muchas gracias , la ley también tiene que ver con aquellos las nuevas normas son bien vistas que algunos se orinaban , hasta los se pone aquí , denis , víaja en el bar todos los días , es una prioridad . >>> por eso al junta aprobó implementar una ley van a implementar , donde les va a ayudar a las personas que trabajan aquí , el tren . >>> entrara en efecto el próximo lunes cuyo comportamirnto la ley conocida , fue aprobada por la legislatura estatal personas , amenazado y son personas con las nuevas reglas la policía podría pr
Apr 15, 2013 4:30am PDT
could cause pilots to lose control. >> a volcano is spewing ash in the sky over central mexico. mexico's volcano is getting act ive again and is in area east of mexico city and has been spewing smoke over the weekend with the winds carrying the smoke over mexico city. authorities say there is no need to evacuate but they are monitoring the situation closely. >> here is something you don't often see, check out this video, a gorilla running away...from a goose. this was captured by zookeepers in kansas and you can see the gorilla backing away from the bird. some geese ended up in the end closure and they decided they didn't want the gorilla around. >> they are like that when they have gosling around. i feel for the gorilla. >> a controversial casino being built right now in the north bay is promising thousands of jobs. why opponents say job seekers could be disappointed. >> the bay area family takes the grief over the suicide of their daughter to court and the vow they are making to make the >> koch kgo. >> good monday morning to you at 5:00. i am kira klapper filling in for eric thomas.
Apr 26, 2013 4:00pm EDT
. >>> meanwhile, president obama meeting with ceos today at the white house, talking about investing in çmexico, a subjec we've been talking about a lot here on "closing bell." executives here in the u.s. have been sounding off on the region. here's what black rock's larry finked that to say recently. >> those characteristics of energy and a expensive labor market, it's a fantastic place where you could expect a consistent 4% gdp. >> so is mexico the next big investment? with us today, march sullivan and rick hoss, powerful manager of the latin america fund at euro pacific capital. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> it seems so often -- it started off in davos for me. a lot of people telling me they were putting money into mexico, and it's been a consistency, where new money is moving into mexico, president obama today meeting with ceos to talk about drumming up business. marcello, what's going on? >> iyou know, i think there is new trend of loving mexico and we invited that trend. there's two important factors that the market is catching on to. first of all is political. there's a new
Apr 29, 2013 1:40am EDT
and mexico and the rise of the empire and across the 20th century it is the constructive turn the does that do justice. >>host: also another book not sees and good neighbors would is the topic? >> a little known episode from the second world war when the roosevelt and administration was worried in the german democratic populations there is about 1.5 million would rise up and take over the country but this was the concern widely shared in the security establishment of the joint army and navy planning board about the possibility the itelligence agencies were concerned the began a program that was lost to history and tell i recovered it under which the fbi was dispatched to look for the saboteurs and that america and the problem is the people generally did not speak german or spanish or they didn't know about the country's so you get your expense account and offering good chief of police and that opened the system riddled with corruption where latin american dictators quickly realized this german who owns a farm this german who owns a farm take him away and then i can take his land and we
Apr 7, 2013 11:00pm PDT
the country of mexico's potential. rachel plains from mexico city. >> he may look like a toy but daniel ramirez's robot is a sophisticated machine designed to help teach autistic children how to act with others. >> it's important that we don't just import technology that we actually produce it here in mexico. >> daniel and his classmates are some of mexico's best and brightest. whether it's creating a wheel cheer that muys by voice command and tiny sensors or writing commuter programs that map facial expressions. these engineering and robotic students represent the future mexico would like to see. a high-tech nation competing against countries like china and india from manufacturing jobs an foreign investments. mexico has signed more free trade agreements than any other country and the world. and the economy is outpacing brazil but there's one thing that is threatening its potential and that's the digital divide. the digital age is out of reach for most people here. 70% of mexicans have no access to either computers or the internet. at this educational center on the outskirts of mexico
Apr 3, 2013 6:00pm PDT
a anuncios publicitarios, pero al regresar... take vo cesar ---en un reportaje desde mexico le mostramos cual es la nueva cara de los migrantes que emprenden su viaje hacia estados unidos... juanfra live --sabor merengue en la actividad jugada hoy en la liga de campeones... malaga frente al poderoso borussia dortmund aleman... y un familiar de hugo sanchez hace declaraciones de alto calibre... ===roll ticker=== deportivo con juan francisco ramirez... blanca ---buenas tardes juan francisco... jf ---cesar - blanca buenas tardes muchachos un placer estar con ustedes desde la cantera del deporte local... add lib wipe ---el malaga en casa,, como novato en la competencia enfrento a la muralla del borussia dortmund... add lib jf on chroma ---quien a seguido de cerca a el penta - pichichi conoce que la polemica poco se aleja de hugo sanchez... take vo --- su sobrino horacio sanchez,, acuso al ex- tecnico de pumas de cobrar por alienear a jugadores en el terreno de juego.. el joven declaro que "hugo cobraba un porcentaje mensual" de igual manera seÑalo que el auxiliar sergio egea participaba en dicha
Apr 15, 2013 6:00pm PDT
a anuncios publicitarios, pero al regresar... take vo blanca ---desde mexico la historia de una nina que habia sido raptada en ese pais y que fue localizada en el salvador... juanfra live deportivo con juan francisco ramirez... blanca ---buenas tardes juan francisco... jf ---buenas tardes compaÑeros,, amigos en casa buenas tardes.. antes de pasar a la informacion deportiva,, aqui en deportes telemundo nos unimos al dolor y duelo por lo sucedido hoy en el maraton de boston... hasta el momento dos son los eventos deportivos que han sido cancelados como medida de seguridad... take vo wipe add lib wipe add lib wipe add lib wipe add lib add lib jf on chroma los atleticos de oakland terminaron perdiendo los ultimos dos partidos en la serie de tres frente a los tigres de detroit.. hoy en casa jugaran el primero de tres frente a los astros de houston... take vo ---este sabado en el radio city music hall de la ciudad de nueva york,,, el cubano guillermo "el chacal" rigondeaux con boxeo puro le arrebato al titulo super gallo al filipino nonito donaire para que de esta manera el cubano unifique lo
Apr 15, 2013 11:00pm PDT
niÑa que fue raptada en mexico.. enterese donde la encontraron.. segment ends realizarse las elecciones especiales para la presidencia en venezuela, take vo ---el candidato de la izquierda, nicolas maduro fue declarado hoy oficialmente presidente electo del pais sudamericano por el consejo nacional electoral tras haber ganado los comicios de ayer por un cerrado margen... ---por su parte, el candidato opositor de derecha henrique capriles, exigio ayer un conteo de voto por voto antes de que maduro cantara victoria... ---maduro obtuvo el 50.75 porciento de los votos contra un 48.97 porciento de capriles.. topvo - blanca ---estados unidos y la oea apoyaron el recuento total de votos en venezuela. --el vocero de la casa blanca destaco que esto seria benefico para crear confianza en el proceso electoral ante la minima diferencia de solo un punto entre nicolas maduro y henrique capriles. --el secretario general de la organizacion de estados americanos, jose miguel insulza, llamo a los venezolanos al dialogo nacional y ofrecio enviar un equipo de expertos electorales del organismo. --pero el c
Apr 3, 2013 7:00am EDT
the 1,969 miles southwest border with mexico to hold off future waves of people. here's a look at the different strategies employed by border patrol in the different regions favored by immigrants and smugglers. if your interested in that, that's in "usa today" and on their web site. that brings us to how we are going to divide the phone lines this morning. if you live in a border states, 0.u can dial 3889 all others,3883. we want to hear from everybody today, all different sides of the debate as it is happening in washington. let's talk about the senate plan. the key immigration components we're hearing about right now. we talked about securing the border. there's a low-skilled worker program. how will that work? guest: the agreement reached recently,, there's been disagreement over the years on the future flow. part of the reason we have so many illegal immigrants coming to the country is there is not a workable legal system for them to and come do the work that needs to be done. one of the agreements they reached deals with low-skilled, non-agricultural workers, people who wo
Apr 30, 2013 8:00am PDT
in the senate? and second, in mexico, yesterday, the mexican government said all contact with the u.s. law enforcement will now go through a single door the federal interior ministry. is this change good for the u.s. relationship with mexico? do you think the area of security and cooperation can be maintained? >> all immigration reform, i've been impressed by the work that was done by the gang of eight in the senate. the bill that they produced is not the bill that i would have written. or elements of it that i would change. but i do think that it meets the basic criteria that i laid out from the start. which is we've got to have more effective border security, although it should build on the greater improvements that have been made on border security over the last four to five years. we should make sure that we are cracking down on employers that are gaming the system. we should make the legal immigration system work more effectively. so that the weights are not as burdensome. the bureaucracy is not as complicated. so we can continue to attract the best and the brightest from around the w
Apr 26, 2013 7:00pm EDT
independent of the colorado river. sharing a resource with the country of mexico, the impacts are being felt by all of us. for all of us, they need to cooperate has never been greater. therefore the importance of the agreement signed by the states in 2007 at minute three and 18 that make reference signs of mexico november cannot be ignored. seven states and one for a country have agreed to set aside their differences and cooperatively work to protect all the users of the river and the environment as well. further regional wholesalers in the lower basin, in many metropolitan southern california are essential or is water conservation district are banking water together and funding projects to extend the resources of the fragile river. today, lake mead to 10 feet higher than it would normally be because these agencies in mexico. even the most thoughtful and proven strategies won't work if they can't be implemented. adapting to charges ranging severe drought to heavy precipitation or rising sea level requires investment in water at first picture. i stated earlier, just her one intake project cos
Apr 8, 2013 7:00pm PDT
every year, and probably many, many thousands more americans simply slip into cuba from mexico, much cheaper that way, then return via mexico, so that there's no trace of them having been in cuba, because cuban authorities routinely don't stamp american passports because they, of course, want to help us violate our stupid american laws about visiting cuba. going to cuba was easy for me because i have the general license to go to cuba any time i feel like it. that license is granted to all "journalists", violating our stupid law about travel to cuba turns out to be not very risky. you can be fined, almost no one is hit with a big fine when caught. the typical fine is about a thousand dollars. the problem for americans occurs when we are trying to re-enter this country. you know that form you fill out that asks what countries have you visited while you were away? i came back to this country through mexico, i filled out that line saying i visited two countries, mexico and cuba, and i handed it to the agent when i was going through. the agent, i was ready to show the agent my msnbc id, b
Apr 24, 2013 6:00pm PDT
publicitarios, pero al regresar... take vo blanca ---en mexico, el congreso aprueba una polemica ley que muchos dicen viola la soberania nacional.. juanfra live los alemanes se perfilan como favoritos en la liga de campeones,,, al regresar repasaremos los goles en alemania y el sufrimiento de algunos compaÑeros nuestros... ===roll ticker=== cesar ---ahora llegamos al deportivo con juan francisco ramirez... blanca ---buenas tardes juan francisco... jf ---blanca buenas tardes,, y no se si lo mismo puedo decirle a nuestro compaÑero cesar... amigos del deporte en casa feliz miercoles ombligo de la semana vamos rapido con el partido de ida en alemania.. take vo add lib jf on chroma pasando ahora las grandes ligas,,, ayer en un partido jugado a solo 7 entradas debido a la lluvia en boston,, bartolo colon lanzo el juego completo permitio solo 3 hits y batio 7 chocolates... take vo --hoy la historia fue distinta,, empezando por el clima.. dia soleado y chris young en la cuarta entrada con hombres en primera y segunda la mando por encima del monstro verde,, young tuvo 2 cuadrangular es para cuatro imp
Apr 24, 2013 11:00pm PDT
---en mexico, el congreso aprueba una polemica ley que muchos dicen viola la soberania nacional.. segment ends de el salvador, david munguia, asegura que la tregua entre pandillas es necesaria para mantener la seguridad de los salvadoreÑos. .. take vo ---segun el funcionario este pacto desde su implementacin, en marzo de 2012, ha logrado que los ndices de violencia de el salvador se hayan reducido... ---de acuerdo a munigua la tregua puede ser impopular, pero es necesaria. el salvador despus de ser el segundo pas ms violento del mundo, ahora es el nmero 44. ---entre las personas que no posee confianza en la tregua se encuentra el fiscal general, luis martnez, quien catalog a este proceso como "hipcrita". stop open cesar ---en mexico, el congreso aprobo una ley que ha causado mucha polemica... pitch - blanca ---los detractores de la medida aseguran que viola la soberania del pais... take 2 box ---jazive perez nos amplia la informacion desde la ciudad de mexico.. jazive... take pkg ;01 ;07 4 la discusion los protagonistas hablan de violacion a la soberania, de regular a quienes
Apr 7, 2013 9:15am EDT
of this water and who can take it, how much every year, how to share it, and our relationship with mexico in the water as well. the colorado river is about 1450 miles long. it's not the longest river in north america by any means, notice of have the most flu. probably about number seven in terms of size, but it drops 8000 feet or so from its source in the rockies. it used to go all the way down to the gulf of california, which then the ocean but it doesn't reach very often anymore. only rare occasions does it get that far. there are seven states in the united states that depend on the river, and two in mexico. so you have wyoming them which probably has the least amount of water but it also has most of the source of tributaries along with colorado. and nevada, utah, new mexico and arizona and california. the basic water law in the west is what we call the law of prior appropriation. it differs from riparian water law which is in most of the rest of the united states. where water rights are connected directly to land, and if you have land that has water, then you have a right to the water.
Apr 18, 2013 11:00pm PDT
no encontrr prueba suficiente los angeles times que puso en marcha felipe caldferpo el buque de mexico , llego a cuba por su recorrido los curiosos quedaron impresionados con el objetivo de envíar un mensaje de paz francia españa rusia y colombia nos vamos a una pausa , y al regreso , le diremos a que atribuyen la baja de la tasa de mortalidad infantil le contamos al regresar ya volvemos no se vaya @x . >>> va a la baja del país los descesos por malformaciones el descenso de las muertes fue de un 12 % en los últimos 6 años , menores de un añó fue de 16 % y de las mujeres hispanas de un 9 % vamos con guillermo quiroz y las condiciones del tiempo , gracias que tal buenas noches vamos a hablar del panorama seguimos con el sistema del norte de alta presión el michelle movimiento es seco las advertencias se mantienen a la línea costera y estupendas condiciones del fin de semana así que a lo largo de está noche las temperaturas en oakland , en los 45 san josé 50 úpara la bahía en los 48 condiciones del tiempo , que subirán la temperatura mañana viertnes en 654 en la costa en el int
Apr 2, 2013 5:00am PDT
, los cantante los complacio hasta los grabo con su cámara ,en la ciudad de mexico , ines moreno primer impacto . >>> a 18 años de su muerte seguidores de selena , le dieron tributo a la díva de la banda . >>> han pasado , 18 años y el recuerdo de la reina , sigue en los corazónes uno de los lugares más , visitados es la estatua de ella miles de personas han llegado para rendirle un homenaje , el homenaje , a selena continuo en este parque donde las imitaciones de la cantante no faltaron , también recordaron a jenny rivera , con una emotiva vigilia . >>> para las reinas selena y jenny rivera . >>> sin duda el legado de estas dos reinas vivirá para siempre en el corazón marta flores primer impacto . >>> (♪ ♪) . >>> (♪ ♪) . . >>> (♪ ♪) . >>> (♪ ♪) . >>> pocas veces se hubiera llevado a cabo como acontinuacion que veronica del castillo víaja a los angeles un momento lleno de momentos intimos , vamos con veronica del castillo para que nos cuente , muchas gracias como están les cuento que para mi está entrevista ha sido todo un logro profesional conociendo
Apr 14, 2013 6:00pm PDT
ash into the sky over central mexico. mexico's -- okay. i have been practicing this -- the volcano -- is getting active again and it is making nearby residents very nervous. the volcano is in the state of puebla, which is east of mexico city. >> a startling new discovery. sea ice in the arctic is disappearing faster than scientists predicted and could be gone by mid-century. it could be gone as early as 2020. ice loss leads to changes in ecoshims and economy and could affect weather. >> signs of spring in san francisco this weekend. the annual cherry blossom festival underway in japantown, hundreds of thousands of visitors are getting a taste of japanese culture. events including food booths, movies, and a parade. the festival continues through next weekend. a nice day to be outside today. a bit windy, though. >> lisa: in fact the wokens -- winds continuing to pick up overnight, and tomorrow a wind advisory from 11:00 until 9:00 for most bay area neighborhoods, marin, contra costa, napa sfo nope ma. -- sonoma. >> right now live doppler 7hd picking up higher clouds to the north. and
Apr 24, 2013 5:30am PDT
was the dispute could affect the progress with other forms. now more from mexico city. ishenrique pena nieto calling for them to work out an agreement with reforms that he has launched since he took office in december. but right now it's at a standstill. opposition parties have said they don't want to take part for now and are accusing him and his government of funneling millions of dollars through the social development programs run by his government in order to mobilize millions of voters to go to the polls to vote for his party in the upcoming state election. this accusation has a lot of weight, because in mexico that party has a history of corruption and authoritarianism. this is putting a cloud over nieto as he was open to continue introducing reforms in hopes of modernizing mexico's economy to lift millions of people out of poverty. these reforms look like they will be on hold until he can convince the other parties to come to the table. on tuesday when he said why don't we all try to work something out, he did not acknowledge the problem of the accusations of corruption. he did not sa
Apr 2, 2013 6:00pm PDT
estallido de juegos pirotecnicos ocurrido hace varias semanas en tlaxcala mexico... juanfra live ---aunque ya se veia venir,, los raiders de oakland pierden a uno de sus jugadores ofensivos... y hoy regreso la actividad a la liga de campeones,,, barcelona en paris,, y la juventus en munich... ===roll ticker=== blanca ---ahora llegamos al deportivo con juan francisco ramirez... cesar ---buenas tardes juan francisco... jf ---cesar blanca,, feliz martes y buenas tardes amigos del deporte... hoy regreso la actividad en la liga de campeones con el inicio en los cuartos de final... take vo --en el parque de los principes,, el paris st.germain frente al barcelona... gran pase de dani alves para leo messi anotando su gol #57 de la temporada... --el sueco ibrahimovic a los 79' emparejo con un gol que en la repeticion parecia fuera de juego... penal sobre el chileno,, alexis sanchez,,,, xavi hernandez cobra y 2-1 para los azulgranas.. --en tiempo de reposicion matudi con el riflazo empareja el 2 a 2 final... y messi que salio lesionado esta en duda para el partido de vuelta.. wipe vo wipe ---pasamos
Apr 5, 2013 11:00pm PDT
unidos... stop open cesar ---en mexico se descubre un complot para atentar contra dos hermanos legisladores federales... take 2 box ---jazive perez nos tiene la informacion mas reciente desde la ciudad de mexico... jazive... mexico... jazive... cesar ---ahora nos enlazamos con javier castro para saber como estar el tiempo el fin de semana, adelante javier. cesar ---pausa comercial pero antes, un avance de domina la accion con juan francisco ramirez.. juanfra live segment ends cesar ---vamos con juan francisco ramirez y domina la accion, adelante juan francisco chroma key jf buenas noches cesar,, amigos en casa feliz viernes,, listos para disfrutar de buen futbol este sabado y domingo en la fecha 13 del clausura que dio inicio hoy en el victor manuel reyna de chiapas... take vo 00:01 00:40 ---el rebaÑo sagrado llegaba con un plantel ya debilitado por la baja de cuatro jugadores importantes,, y si que se hicieron notar... a los 9 minutos luis gabriel rey le dio la bienvenida a pepe toÑo rodriguez,, arquero suplente tras la lesion de michel... esta pelota parecia una de esas que
Apr 20, 2013 10:00am PDT
in the road. >> that's how i ride every day here in mexico city. >> a mermaid stays under water for a very long time. >> it does make your lungs hurt. >> what one discovered when he got an up close look. >> and ana ken drikz has a new video. how one guy's one after do the cup song and a punishment. >> how is that a punishment? >> have you done a shot of 151? >> no. >> watch. >>> a fire broke out at an apartment complex in sea side, california and the fire department rushed to the scene. you can see the fire truck pulls up and you already have emergency workers on the scene and you see someone being rescued from a second story window. this fire fighter who has this helmet cam on, he catches something out of the corner of his eye. he goes running after this police officer. you see the officer with the helmet on. that officer is carrying a child. >> hey! hey, right here. >> oh, my goodness. >> you see the officer turn around. he brings the child back to the engine of this fire truck. the this little girl is only three years old. severely burned and was taken to the hospital and she is expecte
Apr 30, 2013 8:00am PDT
's immigration. second for mexico. yesterday the mexican government said all contact with u.s. law enforcement will now go through a single door. the federal interior ministry. is this change good for the u.s. relationship with mexico? do you see the level of security and cooperation can be maintained? >> on immigration reform, i have been impressed by the work that was done by the guys in the senate. the bill they produced was not the bill that i would have written. there are elements of it that i would change, but i do think that it meets the basic criteria that i layed out from the start, which is we've got to have more effective border security, although it should build on the great improvements on border security over the last five years. we should make sure we are cracking down on employers who are gaming the system. we should make the legal immigration system work more effectively so that the weights are not as burdensome, the bureaucracy is not as complicated, so we continue to attract the best and the brightest around the world to our shores in a legal fashion. and we want to make sur
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